Barbara Colvin & Co. is a multi-faceted design firm offering a complete range of services including interior design, architectural planning, project management and material sourcing. The distinct advantage of our team, atypical in the interior design business, is the ability to bridge the construction and design process through our understanding of both conceptual and practical complexities in all stages of development. We are able to explore all the creative possibilities with our clients while maintaining the foresight to understand and communicate real costs and avoid possible pitfalls.

With business-minded account managers, contractors and accomplished designers complemented by a distinguished group of freelance architects, graphic designers and master craftsmen, we ensure both clear strategic development and flawless execution, knowing that impactful spaces are not accidental, but instead come from thoughtful planning and creative synergy.

Drawing inspiration from an understanding of and affection for nature and art history, Barbara Colvin designs thoughtfully utilize natural colors and honest materials in an effort to create an organic base, with exteriors that blend harmoniously with the environment. Interior finishes and furnishings mimic that same integral quality, but are juxtaposed with vibrant touches for an element of surprise. This distinctive style has an air of rustic sophistication, paying homage to the land while indulging in modern comfort.

Trademark materials include natural stone, reclaimed wood, oxidized metals, plastered walls and pure linen, which lend an historical quality and combine with bright accents and luxurious textiles for a sense of timeless chic. This attention to the details and finishes of flooring, walls, counters and cabinetry is crucial to ensuring a perfect palette for the display of an eclectic mix of vintage, classic European, and modern furnishings and accessories. Through inventive combinations of the best of the old and the energy of the new, clients are assured an overall feeling of refinement rooted in an organic, agrarian sensibility.

Barbara Colvin & Co. sees building and design not only as the opportunity to create exquisite residential and commercial spaces, but also as an extension of a brand, either in a commercial sense or as an expression of personal lifestyle. We understand that space should be a reflection and continuation of the vitality within it, and our designs fully encompass that idea. This awareness coupled with our unique collection of resources and extensive background in product development and manufacturing, allows us to thoughtfully design and execute not only a compelling building, but also the fine interior details. The results of such passion are transcendent in spaces constructed from a mélange of internationally sourced materials. From hand-chiseled limestone, authentic mosaics and custom woven rugs to monogrammed ceramics and delicately embroidered linens. From the positioning of a home on a site to the subtle texture of ribbon trim on a pillow, we are mindful of our client's identity, values and way of life.